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NEW BEGINNING (Vol 1 & 2) Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals Music CD by Brian Bohlman

NEW BEGINNING (Vol 1 & 2) Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals Music CD by Brian Bohlman

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ABOUT THE MUSIC CD: New Beginning: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals (Volumes 1 and 2) contains 60 minutes of soothing, instrumental, original compilations of inspirational mountain dulcimer music on 1 Music CD. Enjoy listening to 30 new songs, remixes, and a bonus track to enhance times of prayer, meditation, and rest. Great music for background listening.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: After being inspired by the instrumental ballads of Michael Hedges and William Ackerman, Brian began composing medleys on the mountain dulcimer at age 16. Brian plays a 4-stringed, handcrafted electric mountain dulcimer custom-made by Jack Ferguson of Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimer. All his songs use the Ionian (DAA) tuning. As a 30-year military veteran, all proceeds from his music sales are used to support military and veteran causes with

1. Soaring (Intro)
2. New Beginning
3. Meditation
4. Joyful Spirit
5. Renaissance
6. Soaring
7. Dulcimer Doxology
8. Jekyll Island
9. Sacred Presence
10. Waterfall
11. Daydream
12. Harmonic Melody
13. Anchored by Love
14. Cosmic Jam
15. Goodbye for Now

16. New Beginning (Remix)
17. Breakthrough
18. Sunrise
19. Knoxville
20. The Journey
21. Peaceful Stream
22. The Summit
23. Mountaintop View
24. Reflections
25. The Gift of Time
26. Meditation (Remix)
27. Soaring (Remix)
28. Waterfall (Remix)
29. Harmonic Melody (Remix)
30. MaryEllen’s Melody (CD Bonus Track)

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