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Brian Bohlman - A Light in the Darkness (Mountain Dulcimer) Music CD + FREE BOOK

Brian Bohlman - A Light in the Darkness (Mountain Dulcimer) Music CD + FREE BOOK

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SPECIAL SALE: When you order this Music CD you will also receive a FREE (autographed) copy of SO HELP ME GOD: A REFLECTION ON THE MILITARY OATH Book by Brian Bohlman ($10 VALUE). 


ABOUT THE ALBUM: A Light in the Darkness (Mountain Dulcimer) Music CD is a soothing, instrumental, original compilation of 15 inspirational mountain dulcimer songs by Brian Bohlman. As the psalmist David found peace and strength while he played his harp, the melodies of the mountain dulcimer can enhance times of prayer, meditation, and rest.  ABOUT THE ARTIST: After being inspired by the instrumental ballads of Michael Hedges and William Ackerman, Brian began composing medleys on the mountain dulcimer at age 16. In 1990, he first recorded "A Light in the Darkness.” In 2019, he had his original songs professionally remastered at Strawberry Skys Studio and partnered with to release his music on digital music platforms worldwide. Brian plays a 4-stringed, handcrafted mountain dulcimer and uses chorus effects to produce a unique sound. All songs use the Ionian (DAA) tuning mode. 

As a 30-year military veteran, all proceeds from his music sales are used to support military and veteran causes with This CD is dedicated to Brian's wife, Shelley, and daughter, MaryEllen whose enduring support and sacrifice allow him to continue serving as an Air Force Chaplain. Special thanks to Dan Bohlman for arranging the "Searched Heart" (Remix) track on his Korg X3 keyboard. Soli Deo Gloria!


1. Searched Heart

2. Realization

3. Strength for the Weak

4. Entering God’s Rest

5. Life and Peace

6. Tears of Rejoicing

7. God Chose You

8. Perfect Will

9. New Life

10. Brokenness

11. Shelley’s Song 

12. Rushing Waters

13. Dulcimer Dance

14. Reverb Reflections

15. Searched Heart (Remix)


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