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SOOTHING STRINGS: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals MP4 Music Videos (DVD-R Disc)

SOOTHING STRINGS: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals MP4 Music Videos (DVD-R Disc)

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Rejuvenate your body, soul, and spirit with inspiring and relaxing MP4 music videos from selected songs from Brian Bohlman's Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental albums: A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, NEW BEGINNING, UPLIFTED, RENEWED, and INSPIRED.

Receive a DVD-R disc with 20 High-Definition MP4 music videos filled with stunning nature scenery from around the world. These MP4 music video files will play on any Windows or Mac/Apple computer with a DVD drive. Makes a great gift for any music lover. Great background listening and viewing for any occasion. Excellent for playing on monitors/screens in spas and waiting areas, during training sessions or conference breaks, in church settings, at personal retreats, during prayer or guided meditation sessions, and much more!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Brian began composing medleys on the mountain dulcimer at age 16 and plays handcrafted electric mountain dulcimers custom-made by Jack Ferguson of Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimers. All proceeds from his music sales are used to support charitable causes.

1. Searched Heart (Remix) from A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS
2. New Beginning from NEW BEGINNING (Vol 1)
3. Meditation from NEW BEGINNING (Vol 1)
4. Jekyll Island from NEW BEGINNING (Vol 1)
5. Harmonic Melody from NEW BEGINNING (Vol 2)
6. Tennessee Sunset from UPLIFTED
7. Princess Dreams from UPLIFTED
8. Morning Sun from UPLIFTED
9. Rainfall (Remix) from UPLIFTED
10. Easter Sunrise (Remix) from UPLIFTED
11. Congaree Creek from RENEWED
12. Autumn Skies from RENEWED
13. Seasons of Change from RENEWED
14. Memorial Daze from RENEWED
15. High Climb from RENEWED
16. Auld Lang Syne from INSPIRED
17. Inspired from INSPIRED
18. Mary's Song from INSPIRED
19. Our Time Will Come from INSPIRED
20. Half a Century from INSPIRED
Special thanks to Dan Bohlman for providing keyboard accompaniment on several remix tracks.
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